The Value is much more than the cost.


How much have you spent in the last year on the Phone in your pocket, the shoes in your wardrobe, the Designer shirts, Make up, Sneakers, The daily Coffee, Uber, all of these are disposable purchases, now you are looking to invest your money into the most Valuable asset you have, YOU!  the Smile of your Dreams designed just for you here in Cancun Mexico, We do understand that costs are important, just remember that your Smile will be with you all day everyday and is an Investment in yourself, Bad hair day no problem just Smile, don't have the latest model Phone, no problem just Smile, wearing the same outfit twice this week, So what smile.

The Cost of the Cosmetic dental Procedures and treatments  here in Cancun listed below are carefully calculated to ensure that the Value and Quality along with the Experience and skillset provided by the Cancun dental specialists and the Master Ceramist and Laboratory are easy to understand . We will show you what each Cosmetic treatment costs here in Cancun in USD per item.

What included in the costs 

Now you maybe used to your home town dental specialists adding on costs for every stage of your treatments, Each visit extra cost, Local Anesthesia , extra cost, Placing the pieces , again extra cost!  Not with us, These are the extras that you maybe normally charged for, But not here they are included in the cost of the dental treatments and for each visit.

  • Consultation and clinical evaluation with our Dental Specialists.

  • Transportation for all clinical appointments - Cancun Zone (Prior arrangement necessary) 

  • In House Temporary Veneers and Crowns between appointments

  • All Materials used in each appointment

  • Local anesthesia

  • Information and aftercare instructions

  • The dental specialists work, Preparation and placement of dental pieces 

  • Photographs and assesments 

Uniform Smile, Favorite Cosmetic dental treatment of Celebrities, Minimally Invasive, Incredible Change to a Smile.


It is Amazing what a good dental cleaning can do to the look of a Smile, Remove stains and bring that sparkle. 


Full Crown made out of Zirconia, Natural appearance, Durable and lasting. 


In Clinic Session of ZOOM Laser Whitening includes Dental Cleaning, Custom Trays and take home top up whitening gel.


No more unsightly Silver Fillings , White Composite Resin fillings allow a natural look to the tooth and can be matched for shade and color.


Replace missing teeth the Most Natural way, No need to damage adjacent teeth, Surgical Stage 1 appointment - If needed for front teeth we can place a temporary Crown.


Crown lengthening can help with a "gummy smile,"  It can also be appropriate in cases where the patient's gums have receded, exposing more tooth surface than necessary.


Replacement of  old filling from amalgam with a more sensitive material for better cosmetic dentistry. Can be used when a substantial part of a tooth structure is lost but does not warrant a Dental Crown.


Bonding uses tooth-colored materials to replace missing tooth structure or hide cosmetically unappealing minor defects in a tooth — chips, discoloration, and even minor spacing irregularities.


567 usd Each

65 usd 1 Session

567 usd Each

400 usd 

95 usd each

890 usd surgical stage.

220 usd temp crown

735 usd final rehabilitation

160 usd per tooth 

420 usd each

140 usd per tooth

Cosmetic dentistry Laboratory Cancun

The Dental Laboratory, Technicians and Ceramists with which the clinics collaborate with for all of our patients in Cancun are picked because of the Exceptional artistry and technical skill. All of this is offered Francisco Xavier Gallardo Lizama who boasts over 25 years as a prominent and well respected Ceramist.

Gallardo has attended and passed some of the worlds most important and prominent laboratory's and Influential courses lead and presented by world renowned dental ceramists experts.

Jurgen Seger, Alex Aronin, Nondas Vlachopoulos, Robert Zubak, Agust Bruguera and Dieter Grubel to name a few. 

Showcasing his unique craftsmanship and abilities with work only given by the hands of a True Artist. A Personalized and one off Smile will be yours to treasure for life with the help from this professional partnership. It is well known that this profession is an art form and the technicians and Ceramists are really the unsung heroes of the dental world, ask any dentist if you don't believe us.

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